About The Last Jews

The last two Jews left are an estranged couple that despise one another. If they don’t make up and procreate… the Jews are extinct.marquee

The story of good intentions gone awry, and a people who – once again – could be a ‘New York minute’ away from joining the egg cream and the Alabama Beach Mouse.

The survival of the Jews depends on a couple (well into their AARP years) who can’t stand the sight of each other, and haven’t spoken since their acrimonious divorce 20 years earlier. In the midst of trying to escape from their well-intentioned kidnappers – and each other – they discover that love can die, but can’t be destroyed.

Their poignant tale and wild ride exemplifies how Jews – along with African-Americans, Irish, Italians, Armenians – have always found humor even in the most dire circumstances. Jews are certainly not the only people who know how to spell the word diaspora.

“A Hybrid of Mel Brooks and Ionesco.” Jewish Advocate

What began as a one-act play in the summer of 2011 has developed into a hilarious and poignant full-length production. The play received an overwhelmingly positive response at several stage readings and received a prestigious fellowship from the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston’s premier theater for new writing. It had its world premiere on May 1, 2014 where it played to sold out houses and received rave reviews.

“The Last Jews asks deep existential questions that cut right to the heart of the questions that we as an American Jewish community are asking ourselves all over the place, all the time.” Rabbi Eric Gurvis, Temple Shalom

The play also pays homage to the memory of Larry’s grandparents; Herman, Anna, and Esther, and the immigrants who arrived from Europe as part of the 20th century “We’re outta here!” generation.

*          *          *

Larry Jay Tish is the co-creator/co-performer of the award winning and critically acclaimed touring social justice comedy, The Black-Jew Dialogues. The Boston Globe calls Dialogues a play that, “gets to the heart of what divides people.” The Black-Jew Dialogues has had over 500 performances throughout the US, Canada, and the UK at colleges, high schools, synagogues, Jewish community centers and theaters.

Larry wrote and starred in the two-man play, The Break-Up of Cause and Effect, which premiered at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Break-Up of C&E will be developed further in the spring of 2015 by the Commedia dell’Arte inspired Momentum Theatre Troupe. It will be presented as part of their Summer 2015 repertoire.

His first one-man show, Everything Hurts, was a critical success. (If you want to be critical…) His mother’s phone call on his 49th birthday – to tell him that he never should have been born – serves as the inspiration for his second solo show, Happy Birthday First Born Son (and inspired several therapy sessions, as well).

In addition to his many acting credits, Larry has worked as a copywriter, and short story, TV, and travel writer. He was the co-creator/co-writer/co-star with Jeff Vachon of the Boston cable TV sketch comedy program Under The Nut, which had a cult following at Boston area colleges. He also has written videos and skits for corporate clients. He once nearly lost his mind studying pictures of hundreds of FTD floral arrangements and writing colorful catalogue descriptions for each one.

Larry is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.